Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Are you looking for top quality healthcare professionals who will treat your patients with the same excellent care and service you provide them? Then let SBG Healthcare provide coverage for your facility. SBG experience and knowledge in Locum Tenens physician recruitment is unmatched in the industry. Your facility can trust in NLT providing the most qualified and patient oriented physicians to cover your facility.

SBG can help cover a physician’s vacation(s), medical leave of absence, time off for CME’s or any other absence. Whether you need a day, a weekend, a week, a month and/or ongoing coverage, SBG can help.

Are you looking for a permanent physician for your facility? Have you considered utilizing a Locum Tenens physician while you are looking for a permanent physician? Many facilities across the country look to using a Locum Tenens physicians during their permanent search in order to capture revenue they would otherwise lose with the vacant position.

When a facility hires a physician, they want to make sure they are the perfect fit for the facility, its staff and its patient care philosophies. Locum Tenens can also be used as a working interview. Not only will you make sure they are the right fit for you, but the physician will sure you are the right fit for them as well.

Is your facility growing, but not sure if you need to hire another full-time physician? Locum Tenens is the answer. You can bring in a highly qualified physician to help your facility during these peak periods. This will help you in your hiring decision.

Let NLT create the perfect match for your facility. With NLT’s Five Star Customer Service your facility will never worry about filling a position. NLT will handle all of your needs.

At SBG, we understand that the number one thing you are looking for is Quality: quality candidates, quality service and a company that delivers this quality consistently. Our goal is for you to have a service experience with NLT that is the best you have ever had. Our many loyal clients would agree that we have achieved this goal.