New to Locum Tenens? – SBG Healthcare

Have you ever considered there is a way to

practice medicine without the "red tape"?

There is a way, and SBG Healthcare would like to help you understand what Locum Tenens is, and how SBG can help you achieve all of your professional and personal goals.

Benefit from our knowledge and experience. Locum Tenens allows you to travel to different communities across the country, and help healthcare facilities that can use your skills.  The best part of Locum Tenens is that you can just be a physician. Your care is to treat the patients. You no longer have to worry about any “red tape” that kept you from practicing the way you wanted to practice medicine. Put SBG to work for you.

Once you have completed SBG’s initial application process, SBG takes care of everything else.  From travel to hospital credentialing, SBG wants to make the Locum Tenens process as smooth as possible.  SBG’s service and attention to details is unmatched in the industry.