SBG Difference – SBG Healthcare

SBG Healthcare has been formed with both

physicians and hospitals in mind.​

Both have separate needs, however, each of their needs is based on one and the other. 
This is why SBG is here.

SBG is a Locum Tenens company that treats everyone it is working for, with the same level of service.  No matter how many days of coverage you ask SBG to cover, and no matter how many days you work as a SBG Locum Tenens physician.  SBG will give you the same great service.

In order to provide outstanding service, SBG has created a 
“FIVE STAR SERVICE” and it is unmatched in the industry.

Healthcare facilities and Physicians are extremely busy, and SBG wants to help.  With over a decade of knowledge and experience, SBG will make sure the Locum Tenens process is simple and easy.  Both physicians and healthcare facilities will be part of a streamlined process that will take care of everything initial introduction to the final day of coverage.

SBG is an expert in locum tenens physician recruitment.  Utilize SBG for temporary physician staffing during ongoing permanent physician recruitment, during peak usage periods, to cover vacations or other absences and to assess the demand for a specialty within a community.