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The healthcare industry is often filled with bureaucracy. However, there is a way to practice medicine in a less rigid manner and SBG Healthcare would like to show you how. We can guide you through the process and assist you in achieving your professional goals.

How does Locum Tenens Work?

Locum Tenens – a Latin term – refers to physicians who substitute temporarily for another physician.  For decades, healthcare firms, like SBG Healthcare, have played the role of matchmaker between physicians and health care facilities. While the process can be complicated, our role is to step in and make it easy! Our entire team works together to expedite placement, simplify credentialing & licensing, and streamline travel & lodging. Our providers are paid as independent contractors (1099) and often have certain tax advantages and responsibilities, please consult an accounting professional for specifics.

What’s the Advantage to Locum Tenens?

Our providers love the Locum Tenens lifestyle – for some it’s short-term, and for others a lifetime. There are numerous advantages to the locum tenens lifestyle. Here are a few we often hear from our providers:

Higher Rates – Locums is a lucrative part-time or full-time option which often pays higher rates than full time staff positions.

Flexibility – Our Locums providers often experience a higher level of autonomy in choosing their schedule and locations to practice.

Focus on Medicine – Experienced locums providers can focus more on patient-care while avoiding reimbursement issues or facility politics.

Travel – Recent graduates get to see the country and benefit from the flexibility to try new geographic locations and practice settings.